PlanTrip, is the leisure arm of Pegasus Travel Management.
With more than 10 years of experience in the Corporate Travel industry, our Pegasus team has honed the necessary skills and knowledge to offer our corporate clients hassle-free business travel, from start to end. 

Now, we would like to extend our travel knowledge and expertise from corporate to leisure travel. 
In PlanTrip, we are dedicated to Plan a tailor made, customized travel itinerary that grants every request according to your personal travel interest. We are a team of professional travel planners that desires to create your own dream Trip into reality, offering the best version of your travel.

Plan Trip

No more hectic group tour or rushing itineraries that tires you up after the trip.

Our professional team acts as your Personal Travel Concierge.

Empowering you full control and flexibility of your trip, offering you expertise in travel recommendations and advice.

Providing essential up-to-date travel support, the duty of care 24/7 throughout your trip

Our Products & Services

Customized Tours

PlanTrip is able to customize itineraries to create the perfect holiday. With years of experience in customizing trips for our customers, we create day-to-day itineraries that will meet all your desires. PlanTrip works with you to find out your interests and preferences for your holiday to help you plan your perfect trip. We then create a detailed and structured itinerary that will cover all your travel needs.

Be it a couple's honeymoon, annual family vacations or solo travel, let it all to us.



Niche Tours:

With very specific interests, it may be difficult to find a tour that meets all your requirements. Here at PlanTrip, you can book the perfect trip! With niche trips planned for the specific wants of our customers, there is always something for everyone.

Lord of the Rings, Truffle Hunting, and Running Man experience are some of the unique theme travel you can anticipate.



Featured Tours: 

Cannot decide where to go on your next trip? Not a problem! With our range of our most popular theme tours to choose from, you will definitely find something that will spark your interest.

Click HERE to hop on to a wellness getaway or culinary adventure, the choice is yours.



Travel Concierge: 

We will help to answer all queries about your trip, by acting as an enquiry arm to take a weight off your shoulders. We offer a wide range of recommendations and suggestions, from airlines, hotel, restaurants to shows and xxx. Not to mention, the duty of care, travel restrictions, health advisories and emergency contingencies. 



Other Travel Related Services: 

Additional special requests like ad-hoc internet check-in, mileage redemptions, special seat purchases or upgrade. Arrangement in activities, tickets purchase, reservation of restaurants/space.